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Concrete is an amazing material that can be used in so many different ways – from construction to art installations, it is used widely in our modern world. Getting the perfect concrete for your upcoming project, no matter what the application (except probably not a big art project), shouldn’t be such a difficult task. Speak to a professional team like Glendale Concrete Pros to discuss your needs and see how we can solve your biggest masonry project.
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Glendale Concrete Pros

We have been operating in Glendale and the greater LA area for a number of years, setting the standard for concrete construction for our valued customers. Over the years we have developed methods and techniques to ensure that all our projects are completed quickly and with our signature, high quality finishes. Check out our services below to see all the areas we can help you with.

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If it’s made from concrete, then we can probably build it! Because anything masonry related is our bread and butter we have an excellent understanding of the material, which is why we offer such a comprehensive list of services to cover pretty much all your residential and even commercial needs. If there’s something on the list that you could use in your upcoming project, simply give us a call and we’ll be happy to discuss how we can get it done.

Concrete Resurfacing Glendale CA

Concrete resurfacing is a fast, cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to improve the overall look and durability of your concrete surfaces. It is often vastly cheaper than a full replacement and has become the popular new way to modernize the looks of people's covered areas. Patterns, textures, colors and more; there are so many different ways to get the most out of your cement. Don't pay more than you have to and get the results that you want from our excellent team. We will have it looking better than ever in no time!

Foundation Construction and Repair Glendale CA

A Foundation is the first major step in any construction project. There are quite a few different things to take into consideration, and options that will influence your final result. To ensure that your building has a rock-solid foundation you should contact our helpful team. If you weren't lucky enough to have contacted us in the first place and believe there are problems with your foundation, contact us now to have the best of the best out there to evaluate what is happening. You don't want to wait until a small issue becomes a large problem!

Retaining Wall Construction Glendale CA

You don't want to be taken by surprise by the damage that storm-water draining can do to your foundation. When building in an area that has concern for soil erosion or water run-off or even flooding, retaining walls provide the easiest option to protect your house's foundation from being damaged or your property from having land fall or wash onto it. ​Built from a number of different materials at different price points, our experienced staff can help you make the best choice of material of the type of retaining wall to use to protect your property and keep it looking stylish.

Brick Masonry Contractor Glendale CA

Are you looking for one of the strongest, most cost-effective construction methods around? Brick masonry is a process that's been around for thousands of years, so you know that it'll last the test of time for your home project. Laying bricks isn't a simple task though, and you want to make sure that it's being taken care of by a professional that knows what they're doing. Our team can help lay bricks for any type of project in your home or building.

Concrete Pillar Installation and Repair Glendale CA

Hold up your home or building with a reliable building method – concrete pillars. Made from tough steel encased in concrete, these pillars will hold up just about anything and won't budge throughout the years. If you need pillars in your upcoming project, we're the people to ask if you want them done right.

Driveways and Sidewalk Installation and Repair Glendale CA

Be welcomed home with a smooth and stylish driveway that'll have your neighbors green with envy. We can help to build your driveway or walkway to your exact specification, including any patterns or special designs you may need. We can help to guide you through the many different materials, designs, and patterns available so you can have the absolute best result. Speak to our team to discuss all the needs that you have and see how we can bring your design to life.
"I really wanted to freshen up the concrete floors in my garage but I didn't want to pay an arm and a leg to have them pulled up and entirely replaced. I spoke to the guys at Glendale Concrete Pros and they informed me about concrete resurfacing. I didn't take much convincing and within no time I had a fresh new surface that looked great!"
Glendale Concrete Pros - Concrete Contractor
Sharna M.
"My driveway was starting to look worse for wear, time and weather had caused it to start cracking and become uneven which was causing it to be a safety hazard. I wanted to have it repaired so I searched for a concrete contractor near me. I found Glendale Concrete Pros and they helped with every step of the process, now my driveway looks greater than ever!"
Glendale Concrete Pros - Concrete Contractor
Matt J.
"I was building my first home from scratch which was obviously a nerve-racking experience, the first problem I had to solve was getting a foundation poured for the project to begin, I spoke to Glendale Concrete Pros and they were extremely helpful in letting me know what I needed and in no time I had a perfect, strong foundation to begin building my house on."
Glendale Concrete Pros - Concrete Contractor
Vanessa F.
Glendale Concrete Pros - Concrete Contractor

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Now that you’ve seen all that we have to offer, if there’s something that tickled your fancy then it’s best to get in touch with us to discuss it. We can organize a site inspection to get you a quote and can arrange a consultation to work out exactly what you’re after. Head to our contact page to see how you can get in touch with us today.